Tb&Ajkay Founded by Therése Broberg - Industrial Designer and Susanne von Ajkay - Textile Designer. The studio range from furniture design, interior planning, graphics, patterns for print and product design. Their lucid production is consciuos and function stands in focus.

2012 Formex
2011 Taiwan Designers' Week ”Made in Taiwan”
2011 Solliden Royal Castle "Greater Mekong Collection"
2011-2012 UNG 8 World Tour ”Spring Table”
2011 Stockholm Furniture Fair, Greenhouse "Greater Mekong Collection"
2010 Stockholm Furniture Fair, Greenhouse "Spring Collection"
2009 Milan Furniture Fair, Salone Sattelite "Stockan Slackers"
2009 Design Mai Berlin "Stockan Slackers"

2011 UNG8
2010 Spring - Estrid Ericson Scholarship
2010 Fall - Estrid Ericson Scholarship
2009 Smycka Stockholm - rewarded first price together with Headoffice
2009 LAMMHULTS Design Award - with Cecilia Wahlberg
2009 Helge Ax:son Johnsson Scholarship
2005 Danderyd Cultural Scholarship