The Cedergren Tower
Taco Globe
In honor of the Mexican dish Taco. The Taco shells creates a warm and glowing light.
Rock Sample Globe
Sample found in the Park of Cedergren
Slacker Chairs
5 chairs which comments up on different slacker behaviours such as not sitting up right, sitting sideways, restless legs, wanting to put up your feet on something or if you are too lazy to get up the chair.
Swing                                             Sideways,footrest and tilted backwards                                             Wheels
Slackers Blanket
The size and design of the Slacker Blanket invites to an individual and multitude way of sitting. The hand holes minimize the effort when drinking tea or flipping through the TV channels. Made in 100% wool.
Slackers Hanger
Customized for items based on different personalities and common behaviours. It's inspired by a Turkish mustache, nice coats, snuff, big winter jackets, fabric bags, newspapers and lots of scarfs. 5 hooks in wood.
Stockan Slackers Map
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